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Saghani in the Ahtna Athabaskan language is the Raven. The cultural creator of the Ahtna and other Alaskan Athabascan tribes. He is a revered and benevolent transformer god who helps the people when called upon, and shapes their world for them in how best serves them. 


Saghani is a Small, Woman and Native American-Owned, Indian-Owned Economic Enterprise business based in Seattle, WA. Founded in 2015, Saghani projects have resulted in positive references from and repeat contracts with our clients.


We approach every project, regardless of size, with the same commitment to exceptional quality in communication, planning, execution, and deliverables.

About us  

Karla L. Brollier - Founder and Managing Director 

Karla Brollier is of the Yidateni Na' Tribe of the Ahtna Athabaskan peoples, she was born and raised in Alaska where she obtained her undergraduate degree as well as an MBA. 

As a highly entrepreneurial and industrious person, Karla's experience includes a wide knowledge base of environmental, social, cultural, economic, and human rights-based issues. She has years of experience working in climate change related projects from many different angles and aspects - from the philanthropic, NGO, policy, private and venture capital and academic sectors where her role was to support and advise clients at different phases of their climate, environmental and social impact journeys and processes. She has a deeply impactful and long history of working and consulting within the international progressive nonprofits and social impact startups issues while addressing the climate and ecological crisis through economic development, humanitarianism, and social equality through systems thinking and developing creative solutions to complex problems. 

Karla is the Founder and Director for Saghani Consulting which is an emergent economy, climate and social impact consulting firm that works with clients to assess, develop, and implement strategies, initiatives, policies and to conduct research and evaluation the world’s most urgent social and environmental challenges. Focusing on climate finance, ESG, CSR, investing, policy and creative ways to address climate change and economic inequality.

Karla is the Founder and Director of The Climate Justice Initiative, which focuses on Indigenous Peoples, Human Rights and Climate Change. CJI is the first and only Indigenous led and focused climate change organization in the United States that protects both environmental and human rights, and the only Indigenous women-led and focused climate change organization in the US. 


She has won multiple awards including the Female Founders Alliance Champion Awards and the Women of Color Collective in Sustainability Award. 
She is a former fellow as an Athena Advisors Fellow, She serves as a Board Director for The Alaska Native Professional Association, the Chambers of Commerce Young Professionals and serves on the Executive Committee of the Institute of the North, Committee member of the Future Earth Knowledge Action Network on Sustainability, and the Governor appointee for the Natural Resources Conservation and Development Board.

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