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Our Work

Our experience includes a wide knowledge base of environmental, social, cultural, economic, and human rights-based issues. We have years of experience working in climate change related projects from many different angles and aspects - from the philanthropic, NGO, policy, private and venture capital and academic sectors where we support, project manage and advise clients at different phases of their climate, environmental and social impact journeys and processes.


We have a long impactful and long history of working and consulting within the most pressing issues while addressing the climate and ecological crisis through economic development, humanitarianism, and social equality through systems thinking and developing creative solutions to complex problems.

Here are a few select examples of that work:

Native Drums

This paper examines the emerging issues and solutions to address climate change through Indigenous perspectives while centering Alaska Native peoples and communities. In it, the authors propose models to foster more opportunities and support Indigenous-led mitigation and adaptation strategies. Authored by Karla Brollier, Nikoosh Carlo, and Raina Thiele.

A Rights-based approach addressing impacts of Environmental Contamination on
Indigenous Women, Girls and Future Generations
Submitted to the United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues.

United Nations

The Washington Post - The climate problem is not just scientific. It’s linguistic. If we can agree how to talk and write about an issue that affects us all, maybe we can understand and fix it together.

Karla Brollier, Ahtna Shareholder and Climate Change Leader - Working to address Climate Change and to mobilize a global solution to the climate crisis by enabling immediate action in Alaska, as well as across every level of society and the globe.


The International Association of Genocide Scholars sponsored three panel discussions for the purposes of sharing ideas, building connections, and highlighting the interdisciplinarity of this subject. 

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